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Full Mouth Reconstruction Specialist

If you believe that you are a candidate for full mouth reconstruction in the Philadelphia – you should consult an expert. This is a critical decision and the best Doctors provide the best outcomes.

If you believe that you are a candidate for full mouth reconstruction in the Philadelphia – you should consult an expert.  This is a critical decision and the best Doctors provide the best outcomes.

An average Dentist can cause worse problems. Dr. Jeffrey Rosenberg specializes in helping people whose teeth, gums, and jaw are fully decayed, injured or have been otherwise traumatized beyond normal dental repair techniques.

The Definition

Full mouth reconstruction, rehabilitation, or restoration of the mouth are interchangeable terms used to describe the intensive process of rebuilding the gums and teeth of the upper and lower jaws.  Restorative dentists contribute crowns, bridges or veneers; gum specialists (periodontists) and Oral surgeons, orthodontists, and endodontists (tooth pulp specialists) are required for full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Rosenberg provides all of these services.

The Process & Team

When you visit Dental Medical Arts, Dr. Rosenberg and his team will diagnose the best plan for your restoration.

If you are a candidate for full mouth reconstruction, we will discuss with you what you want achieved to fully restore your dental health.

The diagnosis and plan will include:

Initial Appointment

At the initial appointment we will take X-rays and photographs, impressions of your upper and lower teeth, and make models of your teeth from the impressions and a model of your bite.  Once Dr. Rosenberg has obtained all information relevant to your case, he will develop a comprehensive, step-by-step treatment plan to correct all of the problems in your mouth and complete your full mouth reconstruction.


Where needed, restorative procedures such as crowns,bridges, and veneers are available options to help fix cavities, decay, wear, cracking, even length, and compensate for tooth movement.

Gums (periodontal)

Gums must be in top shape to support the results of any restorative or orthodontic procedures. Scaling and root planing might be needed to create healthy gums. In cases of extreme periodontal disease, soft tissue or bone grafts can be used to build up the gums and jawbone.

Jaw Muscles, Joints & Occlusion

Your bite will be evaluated – you should be able to close your mouth and chew food without pain, and your bite should not produce wear and tear on any teeth. If any one or all of the above pertain to you, orthodontics will be required before proceeding with restorative treatments.


Not only will we correct the underlying foundations of gums and jaw, we will also focus on treating those elements that contribute to the outward appearance of the mouth.  Throughout the full mouth reconstruction process, rest assured that Dr. Rosenberg is in complete control of this process.   He will carefully talk with you about every single procedure in detail so that you can take comfort knowing what is being done to your mouth.


Full mouth rehabilitation can take months to complete but Dr. Rosenberg’s plan will be designed around your schedule to make sure that you are comfortable and are back into your daily activities as quickly as possible.   The restoration process is done in phases so we can plan around your busy schedule.


Every case is different.  Full mouth reconstruction is not something you want – it’s something you need.  As a result the cost can range because treatment can includes some if not all of the following:

  • Prophylactic teeth cleaning and periodontal care
  • Crown lengthening for possible crowns or bridges
  • Orthognathic surgery to reposition the jaw.
  • Contouring of the gum tissue to create balance and harmony in your smile.
  • Preparation (reduction) so crowns, bridges or veneers can be placed.
  • Placement of temporary restorations.
  • Placement of permanent restorations, crowns, veneers, inlays/onlays or bridges
  • Orthodontics (braces) to move your teeth into position for reconstruction.
  • Implant placement
  • Bone or soft tissue grafting

Our total reconstruction cases can range from $10,000 to $50,000 depending upon the severity of the case.   In many cases insurance will cover part of the program and in many situations we can provide financing.  We can also design your restoration in phases so the cost is more manageable.

Please consult us if you believe you are a candidate and see an Expert on this process.

Hannah T.
The office visit experience was professional when I was with the Hygienist, Rhonda, and when I was with the dentist, Steven. They are doing everything right for the patient. The visit included wait time and form completion and the friendly bantering was relaxing and friendly.
Leslie P.
The only thing I would change is to somehow have found this place years and years ago. Not only is the dental care first class but so is the atmosphere, created by the entire staff. You walk in the door and friendly people greet you by name. Everyone is helpful and energetic.
Patricia R.
The staff at Jeff Rosenberg's office are always authentic, real, and committed to their work on the team. Jeff thinks outside the box and works outside the box to do whatever he can to help us with our teeth and our smiles. They are more like family, really.... and it's always nice to have a dentist in the family, right?

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