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Oral Health

Our approach to healthcare involves many different treatments but is based upon a correct diagnosis and how our clients *risk factors modify our care.

Dr. Jeffrey Rosenberg is considered an expert in the field of cosmetic and restorative dentistry by both patients and professional colleagues. He has published numerous articles in the areas of cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, and the use of digital imaging to enhance dentofacial appearances. Dr. Rosenberg’s practice specializes in restoring the look and function of aging smiles using porcelain veneers, crowns and implant-assisted bridges.

Diabetes Management

Erjola Balliu, MD reported finding that use of the antibiotic doxycycline was associated with improved fasting glucose when compared to placebo in a proof-of-concept study.

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Diagnostic Care

Our approach to healthcare involves many different treatments but is based upon a correct diagnosis and how our clients *risk factors modify our care.

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Heart Attack Prevention

A new peer-reviewed study of patients at the Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center shows that the patented BaleDoneen Method is remarkably effective at treating, halting and preventing cardiovascular disease (CVD), the leading killer of Americans.

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Occlusion & TMJ

What does the condition known as occlusion or “biting” have to do with complete health and a longer, better quality of life?

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Oral Systemic Care

Millions of Americans have a dental disorder that can lead to heart attacks and strokes, according to a new peer-reviewed study published in Postgraduate Medical Journal (PMJ).

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Pain Management

Dr. Barry Glassman is a world renown expert in an area of health care that “ties together” the links of airway development and management, central nervous system “parafunction,” and the body’s response to these conditions.

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Hannah T.
The office visit experience was professional when I was with the Hygienist, Rhonda, and when I was with the dentist, Steven. They are doing everything right for the patient. The visit included wait time and form completion and the friendly bantering was relaxing and friendly.
Leslie P.
The only thing I would change is to somehow have found this place years and years ago. Not only is the dental care first class but so is the atmosphere, created by the entire staff. You walk in the door and friendly people greet you by name. Everyone is helpful and energetic.
Patricia R.
The staff at Jeff Rosenberg's office are always authentic, real, and committed to their work on the team. Jeff thinks outside the box and works outside the box to do whatever he can to help us with our teeth and our smiles. They are more like family, really.... and it's always nice to have a dentist in the family, right?

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